Jennifer Haverstock, MSc, CCA, PAg 
Horticulturist, Small Fruit Specialist

Jennifer provides expertise and advice primarily to the small fruit industry, specializing in strawberries, highbush blueberries, raspberries and minor berry crops. Her particular strengths include soil fertility, nutrient management and cropping innovations.

Jennifer is a Certified Crop Advisor and has worked in sustainable agriculture development across Atlantic Canada, giving her a unique understanding of the challenges and opportunities throughout the region.  Throughout her career she has been involved in collaborative research, extension, and implementation of projects in nutrient management, manure management, and integrated pest management across agriculture sectors.  She has had great success in building and maintaining relationships with farmers and is well versed in educating people from a range of backgrounds on agronomic and soil related issues.

Originally from Truro, Nova Scotia Jennifer has most recently worked for the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador as an Agriculturist with the Alternative Feeds Program.  She has over nine year of practical and academic experience with a M.Sc. in Agricultural Chemistry from the former Nova Scotia Agricultural College and extensive work experience in agriculture extension and applied research.